Cohorts and Registers

In our research we use nationwide population health registers and various cohorts. 

At the Centre of Public Health Sciences, we have recently established two large cohorts: 

  • The SAGA Cohort - women over 18, nationwide, health-impact of trauma, web-based questionnaire 

  • COVID-19 National Resilience Cohort - population over 18, nationwide, exposure to Covid-19, mental- and physical health, lifestyle and social interactions 

We are also partners of the Swedish Tsunami Cohort  

The following domestic institutions are pivotal in collection of health-related data in Iceland: 

The Directorate of Health 
DeCode Genetic
The National University Hospital of Iceland 
The Icelandic Heart Association
The Icelandic Cancer Society 
Primary Health Care of the Capital Area 


Statistics Iceland is the national statistical institute of Iceland. They collect, process and disseminate data on the Icelandic economy and society.