Grants and Funding

All research projects at the Centre of Public Health Sciences are funded through external or internal grants. Large-scale research projects have received funding from the European Research Council, The Icelandic Centre for Research, NordForsk, and the Icelandic Gender Equality Fund. Various projects have also been funded through the University of Iceland´s doctoral grants and research fund. 

Since the centre´s establishment in 2007 we have received in the vicinity of 700.000.000 ISK (€4.5 million) in external funding (January 2008-September 2020) for our research projects, including doctoral and post-doctoral grants. In addition, various projects have been funded through the university´s doctoral grants and research fund. 

The Division of Science and Innovation has the mandate to enforce the university´s rules on receiving, managing, administering, and financial reporting of external funds. 

All key researchers at the Centre of Public Health Sciences hold faculty appointments at the University of Iceland and their positions are funded as such. Faculty duties at the university are divided into research, teaching, and administrative duties, and academic evaluation is annual. Non research activities include teaching and serving on dissertation and thesis committees, other academic and administrative committees of the university, as well as on national and international advisory panels. 

Post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students and research assistants at the centre are funded through research grants, while some also serve as teaching assistants in our courses and/or serve on dissertation and thesis committees.